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Monthly Archives: July 2012

How do you engage new employees effectively?

It’s a damning statistic that nearly 60% of all new executives leave within 18 months of starting a new role. So what can be done to increase the chances of new employees succeeding when they join a business and why aren’t organisations taking a closer look at the factors that make their employees succeed or fail? In […]

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Do you know enough about your new employer?

By the time you get to the offer stage of the hiring process, a company will have a fairly detailed picture of the kind of person they are about to employee. From the details you have put on a CV or application form to all the information you impart through social networking sites such as […]

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10 Key Factors of being a good leader: Part 2

There are many plenty of measures you can take that can help you ensure that you don’t end up a David Brent type leader in the workplace. In part 1, we looked at how setting the right example, taking responsibility for your actions and constant development of your leadership skills can all help you become a good […]

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10 Key Factors of being a good leader: Part 1

I firmly believe in the old adage that leaders are made and not born. Effective leadership is just one key element in the success of a group and although people are not born leaders, the majority of people can learn to be effective leaders. Thomas Gordon from leadership training experts Gordon Training sums up leadership, “Being […]

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