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Monthly Archives: September 2012

7 Ways to Handle a Request for a Higher Starting Salary

The search is over and you’ve found the perfect candidate to fill that vacant role.  And so you offer them the position, but then the candidate decides to throw the proverbial spanner in the works and ask for a higher starting salary than you originally budgeted for. So what do you?  As a hiring manager you have to do […]

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5 Quick Ways to Improve Employee Motivation

Replacing good staff in this age of austerity can prove to be a massive drain on resources.  Therefore, motivating your best staff is vital to try and keep a settled and content workforce. Whilst competitive employee packages will go a long way to achieving this, it can also be the small staff perks that will […]

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The Rejuvenating Powers of a Work Sabbatical

We all need a holiday from time to time to recharge the batteries and avoid burnout in our careers. But when that few weeks away in sunnier climes doesn’t really cut the mustard any longer, then maybe you are ripe for a sabbatical. A sabbatical can provide the time you need to assess where you going in […]

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4 Tips to downsize your business the right way

In this age of austerity, many companies face the choice between downsizing their operation or folding altogether. Downsizing can prove extremely beneficial if it is done sparingly, but even the smallest amount of downsizing can be difficult.  After all, fewer staff will put pressure on almost every level of the company.  Moreover, it can be […]

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The art of sifting CVs – Video

Over the past 10 years we have seen more CVs than you have had hot dinners. As a result we like to feel that we have honed our technique so that we know very quickly whether a CV is a good or bad egg, or something. We have filmed a short video where Mark and Charles […]

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