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Monthly Archives: July 2017

8 Social Media Tools to Give Your Recruitment Drive a Boost

Social media is SO important when it comes to recruitment. But it can be really time-consuming to keep up with.

These social media tools will help.

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15 Simple Ways to Be Healthier At Work

Need to be healthier at work?

Check out some of the best suggestions to aid physical and mental wellbeing at work, both individually & as part of a team.

Category: Happiness, Positivity, Wellbeing at work

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8 Key Attributes to Keep in Mind Whilst Hiring New Employees

You can teach a person skills like sales and Excel but can you (and are you willing to) teach key attributes like honesty, confidence and honesty?

Category: Hiring

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8 Ways to Reduce Unconscious Bias In Your Recruitment Process

Do you only hire people you click with? Do you have preconceptions about gender, race or age?

Are you sure?

There’s a reason it’s called “unconscious” bias.

Category: Recruitment Process

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9 Tips to Help You Successfully Onboard New Employees

A great onboarding process will boost team-work, culture, proactivity, output and your employer brand (amongst other things).

So make sure you get it right!

Category: Employee Onboarding

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