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Monthly Archives: August 2017

6 Recruitment Metrics to Help You Evaluate Post-Hire Success

Managers say that 20% of the people they hire turn out to be a mistake!

That’s why it’s so important to keep track of your recruitment metrics.

Category: Recruitment Metrics, Recruitment Process

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How Artificial Intelligence Might Change Recruitment Forever

Does artificial intelligence help recruiters to find the best candidates, quickly?

Or are we just heading for a Terminator-style apocalypse?

Category: Artificial Intelligence, Recruitment

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7 Key Methods to Inspire Employees

A lot of managers find it difficult to inspire their employees, especially when budgets are tight.

But don’t give up. These 7 strategies are a great start.

Category: Employee engagement, Employee satisfaction, Happiness, Positivity, Wellbeing

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The 7 Most Common Issues New Managers Face

Managing a team is no walk in the park…

so to help prepare you, here are seven issues that many new managers face and how to avoid them.

Category: Management

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