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Industry experience: just how relevant is it?

Looking for a new position can be painful enough, but to be told you haven’t got the relevant industrial experience for a role, despite your skillset being seemingly perfect, well that can be crushing. After all, how else are you meant to get industry experience? But flip yourself round into to the shoes of the employer, and […]

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10 Reasons why your Best Talent Keep Leaving: Pt 1

Retaining a business’s very best talent has become imperative in these uncertain financial times. But if you find yourself constantly scratching your head as to why yet another of your talented individuals has left the business, there are some solutions you can look at. I’ve listed below the first 5 of 10 key reasons as […]

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Are Dress Down Fridays such a terrible crime?

Dress down or casual Fridays is what many offices up and down the land instigate to give their staff the opportunity to wear something a little more casual at the end of a week.  For some, Friday marks the beginning of the weekend, but does dressing casually mean that some staff also adopt a more […]

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10 Things to avoid if you want that big promotion in 2013

Chances are that unless you own your own business, you are going to have a boss of some description for your entire career, sorry. And it is easy to make the common mistakes that will irritate your boss and make that next big promotion a difficult task. Having managed staff in the past myself, I’ve drawn […]

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