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25 Questions to Ask (Yourself) When You Are Assessing a CV.

As you can probably imagine, at Response, we definitely know a thing or two about CV assessment (it’s a huge part of our day job)!

Check out this blog to find out just how we do it!

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8 Great Things About Job Hoppers!

Job hoppers often get a bad reputation for being disloyal and/or troublemakers.

But at Response, we think that that’s a load of balderdash.

Find out why in this week’s blog post!

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100 of the funniest things we have read on a CV: Part 3

Here are those bonus 50 CV bloopers!  Remember that any spelling or grammatical mistakes have been left in intentionally. I hope you enjoy reading them and Part 1 and the first 50 can be found here.           101.  ACHIEVEMENTS  – “I was the very best at maths and reeding during primary school” […]

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100 of the funniest things we have read on a CV: Part 1

As you can imagine, here at Response we have seen thousands upon thousands of CVs over the years.  On the whole, most CVs are well laid out and give us enough information to decide whether that person is suitable for a role or not. However, you can always hear a chuckle when a consultant opens […]

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Why do people lie on a CV?

Stretching the truth on a CV is unfortunately considered the norm within the recruitment industry with an estimated 50% of candidates admitting to fibbing or blatantly lying on their CVs. And whilst the majority of most people’s CV embellishments will go undetected, Yahoo’s CEO Scott Thomson was less fortunate when he got caught misrepresenting his […]

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10 Sound bites that could ruin CVs in 2013

There are myriad clichéd sound bites that can ruin even the finest CVs and scupper your chances for success in 2013. Your CV will probably get between 15 and 30 seconds of time to impress a recruiter, so it would be a shame if it failed because it was so chock full of meaningless phrases and […]

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The art of sifting CVs – Video

Over the past 10 years we have seen more CVs than you have had hot dinners. As a result we like to feel that we have honed our technique so that we know very quickly whether a CV is a good or bad egg, or something. We have filmed a short video where Mark and Charles […]

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100 Funniest things we’ve read on a CV: Part 2

In the first 50 of the funniest things we’ve read in a CV I included someone listing an achievement on their CV as sober, another listed their skills as speaking Italian and Spinach and someone else stating they were a ‘rabid’ typist. Below is another collection of 50 classic CV faux pas, enjoy! 51. JOB HISTORY […]

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