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Are Your Employees Disengaged?

Or do they (really) love working for your company?

Ask yourself these 12 questions to find out!

Category: Employee engagement, Human Resources, Leadership, Management

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The 14 Worst Traits of a Bad Manager

From angry & arrogant arseholes to negative & lazy idiots, some Managers are just awful.

Check out this blog to make sure you’re not one of them.

Category: Employee engagement, Employee satisfaction, Human Resources, Leadership, Management, Staff retention

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10 Questions That Will Help You Improve Your Employer Branding

Building a powerful employer brand will make recruiting much easier, improve staff retention and boost your general brand as well – it’s win, win, win!

Find out how, in this week’s blog post.

Category: Client, Employer Branding, Human Resources, Leadership, Management, Recruitment, Recruitment tips, Staff retention

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How to Promote Wellbeing and Happiness At Your Company.

Making your workforce happy and healthy (both physically and mentally) will increase their productivity, output, employee engagement and ultimately your staff retention.

Find out exactly how to achieve that, in this week’s blog post.

Category: Client, Employee engagement, Employee satisfaction, Happiness, Human Resources, Leadership, Management, Staff retention, Wellbeing

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5 Management Tips For Dealing With Underperformers

The toughest thing you’ll face as a Manager is dealing with an underperformer.

You can be too ruthless (sacking first, asking questions later) but you can also be too generous (which your hard-working, super staff will resent).

So this week, we’ve outlined the steps you should be taking to deal with your underperformer; giving them a chance to shine (or to reveal their true colours).

Category: Client, Human Resources, Leadership

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The Importance of a Complete Job Description

You would be astounded at the number of clients we have worked with over the years who haven’t had a job description ready for the vacancy they would like us to work on. Recruiting without a job description is like going into a cave without a torch.   You may think that you have a clear […]

Category: Client, Leadership, Recruitment tips

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The end of the Cigarette Break?

Since the demise of the office smoking room in Scotland in 2006 and the rest of the UK in 2007, workers have been forced to brave the cold to get their nicotine fix. The site of smokers huddled together under a cloud of smoke outside office blocks has become a familiar site up and down […]

Category: Client, Leadership, Recruitment tips

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The importance of taking a lunch break

A recent survey from Bupa revealed that companies in the UK are losing close to £50 million a day in lost productivity from workers who fail to take a lunch break. I used to be part of the 70% of employees who failed to take a lunch break.  I believed that by not having a […]

Category: candidates, Leadership, Recruitment tips

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How to improve office productivity: Part 1

As an employee feels the manager’s presence over their shoulder; they instinctively press the Alt & Tab buttons on their keyboard in an attempt to hide whatever was on their screen – usually a website of some description. Who they trying to kid? It’s annoying and an obvious sign that the employee either doesn’t have […]

Category: candidates, Human Resources, Leadership

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