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5 Marketing Techniques to Help Out Recruiters

Both marketers & recruiters have to engage, entertain & impress their prospects!

So what can we learn & adopt from popular marketing techniques?

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10 Top Tips For Improving Your Recruitment Process

When it comes to recruiting; time is absolutely of the essence.

The longer it takes to find someone, the more it costs and the more frustrating the whole thing becomes…

This week, discover 10 ways to make that process more efficient!

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How to Recruit a Passive Candidate.

75% of the population come under the category “passive candidates” – not actively seeking employment.

But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t jump ship if the right opportunity came along!

Find out how to approach and persuade such candidates, in this week’s blog.

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The 3 Main Benefits of Online Recruitment

In the last 15 years, online recruitment has exploded onto the scene and now dominates modern recruitment practices. Traditional print advertising has nosedived in that time, as job boards, online CV databases and (more recently) social media has helped to position online recruitment as the preferred method of sourcing the next generation of talent. At […]

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