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25 Questions to Ask (Yourself) When You Are Assessing a CV.

As you can probably imagine, at Response, we definitely know a thing or two about CV assessment (it’s a huge part of our day job)!

Check out this blog to find out just how we do it!

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8 Great Things About Job Hoppers!

Job hoppers often get a bad reputation for being disloyal and/or troublemakers.

But at Response, we think that that’s a load of balderdash.

Find out why in this week’s blog post!

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The 10 Silliest Interview Answers

A job interview is often a situation where we feel at our most nervous.  Despite all the research and preparation, sometimes you will say something in an interview and afterwards wonder, “Where did those interview answers come from?” I remember as a student going for an interview with an electronics retailer as a sales assistant […]

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10 Tips for recruiting in a candidate saturated market in 2013

The current job market is saturated with many candidates who adopt the scatter-gun approach with their CV; applying to anything which seems vaguely relevant to the type of role they are after. But there are processes that companies can put in place to ensure that their recruitment process runs smoother in this challenging time. I have put […]

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What does an ’employment gap’ on your CV say about you?

I was asked a question last week by someone who applied to one of our vacancies about how they should tackle an employment gap in their CV. It got me thinking and it sparked a lively debate in the office. “It obviously means they’ve been to prison,” was one of the sweeping generalisations I heard.  But in […]

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Ensuring you build a strong reference list

After impressing in an interview and hopefully clinching that dream job, the final step in the hiring process will be when the recruiter asks for references to make that last check on your background. References are still a vital part of the recruitment process.  And this is where you need to ensure that you carefully […]

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10 Sound bites that could ruin CVs in 2013

There are myriad clichéd sound bites that can ruin even the finest CVs and scupper your chances for success in 2013. Your CV will probably get between 15 and 30 seconds of time to impress a recruiter, so it would be a shame if it failed because it was so chock full of meaningless phrases and […]

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The art of sifting CVs – Video

Over the past 10 years we have seen more CVs than you have had hot dinners. As a result we like to feel that we have honed our technique so that we know very quickly whether a CV is a good or bad egg, or something. We have filmed a short video where Mark and Charles […]

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Just what does a Human Resources Manager do?

Gaining and retaining a competitive edge plays a huge part in any organisation’s success. Of course, there are many facets in achieving this success, but one of the key cornerstones to any business’s longevity is employing and maintaining the right individuals. This is why, certainly in larger organisations, the role of the HR manager is […]

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Does it really make a difference how you present your CV?

Last week I looked at how an unexplained employment gap can really hinder your job prospects, and thank you to everyone that commented about it on our various groups and forums. This week, I want to look at something even more fundamental to enhancing your chances of getting an interview – namely, how you present your CV. Present […]

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