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10 Great Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

With the abundance of unhappy employees across the UK (49%), it’s high time we all took a look at the way we show employee appreciation in our workplace.

Are your team happy?

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9 Tips to Help You Successfully Onboard New Employees

A great onboarding process will boost team-work, culture, proactivity, output and your employer brand (amongst other things).

So make sure you get it right!

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12 Ways to Beat Boredom at Your Workplace

Want to maximise productivity, happiness & output at your company?

First things first, you need to make sure your employees aren’t suffering from boredom!

Here’s how…

Category: Employee engagement, Human Resources, Staff retention

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50 Great Ways to Reward Your Employees!

When was the last time you said a proper thank you to your staff?

You can show your appreciation in so many different ways – some more fun than others.

Check out this blog post to get some great inspiration!

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Are Your Employees Disengaged?

Or do they (really) love working for your company?

Ask yourself these 12 questions to find out!

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The 14 Worst Traits of a Bad Manager

From angry & arrogant arseholes to negative & lazy idiots, some Managers are just awful.

Check out this blog to make sure you’re not one of them.

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10 Reasons NOT to Send Out Your Employee Satisfaction Survey.

Do your staff members moan & groan when you bring out the employee satisfaction survey?

Are you sick of receiving generic, wishy-washy answers (and/or a suspicious number of ‘excellent’ ratings)?

You might want to take a look at this blog!

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5 Quick Ways to Improve Employee Motivation

Replacing good staff in this age of austerity can prove to be a massive drain on resources.  Therefore, motivating your best staff is vital to try and keep a settled and content workforce. Whilst competitive employee packages will go a long way to achieving this, it can also be the small staff perks that will […]

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