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8 Key Attributes to Keep in Mind Whilst Hiring New Employees

You can teach a person skills like sales and Excel but can you (and are you willing to) teach key attributes like honesty, confidence and honesty?

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5 Interview Questions to Check Whether a Candidate is Committed

Ever been rejected by a candidate after offering them the job? It can be so frustrating.

These interview questions will help you spot time-wasters earlier.

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50 Recruitment Cliches That Should Be Banned From The Process.

This week, I’m on a mission.

And that mission is to banish certain buzzwords, cliches and cringeworthy language from the recruitment process.

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10 Essential Tips For Writing Incredible Job Adverts

Back to basics; this blog post reveals everything you need to do to make your job adverts stand out, get seen by and WOW more (relevant) candidates.

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6 Creative Recruitment Strategies!

Does your recruitment process bore the pants off you and your candidates?

Think it’s time to mix things up a bit?

This blog’s for you.

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5 Interview Brainteasers To Assess Creativity and Critical Thinking

I just love to hate interview brainteasers.

On the one hand they’re fun and break the ice, but on the other, they’re far too intense. Let’s take a look…

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