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8 Great Things About Job Hoppers!

Job hoppers often get a bad reputation for being disloyal and/or troublemakers.

But at Response, we think that that’s a load of balderdash.

Find out why in this week’s blog post!

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Reducing the amount of inappropriate job applications

Cast your mind back to a time before the internet, when applying for jobs took a little more thought and selection. Fresh out of University in the early Nineties, I would religiously buy the local paper on a Thursday and sit with my highlighter in the vain hope something would be suitable for a marketing […]

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How to get your Job Application Noticed: Video

How to get your job application noticed Remember the days when you would have to wait for Thursday’s regional paper to check to see if there were any jobs you could send your CV to? Perhaps some of you are too young to remember the days before Job Boards and Social Media became the main […]

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