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10 Tips to stay motivated if you lose your job: Part 1

Back in the summer of July 2005 it felt like my whole world had suddenly caved in. From out of nowhere, I had been made redundant from my job I loved, having been there 5 years.  And I now found myself sitting back at home at 10am on a Monday morning in a state of […]

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What does an ’employment gap’ on your CV say about you?

I was asked a question last week by someone who applied to one of our vacancies about how they should tackle an employment gap in their CV. It got me thinking and it sparked a lively debate in the office. “It obviously means they’ve been to prison,” was one of the sweeping generalisations I heard.  But in […]

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Does it really make a difference how you present your CV?

Last week I looked at how an unexplained employment gap can really hinder your job prospects, and thank you to everyone that commented about it on our various groups and forums. This week, I want to look at something even more fundamental to enhancing your chances of getting an interview – namely, how you present your CV. Present […]

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