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8 Social Media Tools to Give Your Recruitment Drive a Boost

Social media is SO important when it comes to recruitment. But it can be really time-consuming to keep up with.

These social media tools will help.

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5 Interview Questions to Check Whether a Candidate is Committed

Ever been rejected by a candidate after offering them the job? It can be so frustrating.

These interview questions will help you spot time-wasters earlier.

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5 Important HR Trends, All Recruiters Should Know About

Are you clued up on the “Gig Economy?” Comfortable with “Smart Tech?” Confident in your “Candidate Experience?”

Discover or recap on some of the most important HR trends of this year.

Category: Hiring, Recruitment Trends

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3 Common Mistakes Interviewers Make

Even experienced interviewers make mistakes (I’ve certainly made a fair few).

Here are three of the most common – you may just recognise them…

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How to Make Your Interviewees Feel at Ease

Interviews can be incredibly stressful for interviewees. So it’s your job to make them feel comfortable and calm, giving them a real opportunity to shine.

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The 5 Most Annoying Interview Questions, We Should All Stop Asking.

What’s a sure-fire way of irritating your job candidates and completely putting them off your job? Asking these annoying interview questions…

Category: Interview Questions, Interviewing

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10 Essential Tips For Writing Incredible Job Adverts

Back to basics; this blog post reveals everything you need to do to make your job adverts stand out, get seen by and WOW more (relevant) candidates.

Category: Human Resources

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6 Creative Recruitment Strategies!

Does your recruitment process bore the pants off you and your candidates?

Think it’s time to mix things up a bit?

This blog’s for you.

Category: Human Resources, Recruitment tips

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5 Odd Christmas Jobs

Are you jolly enough to be Santa Claus?

Great with animals? Or just generally fanatical about Christmas?

These jobs might just be perfect for you!

Category: Christmas, Humour, jobs

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5 Interview Brainteasers To Assess Creativity and Critical Thinking

I just love to hate interview brainteasers.

On the one hand they’re fun and break the ice, but on the other, they’re far too intense. Let’s take a look…

Category: Brainteasers, Human Resources, interviews

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