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6 Recruitment Metrics to Help You Evaluate Post-Hire Success

Managers say that 20% of the people they hire turn out to be a mistake!

That’s why it’s so important to keep track of your recruitment metrics.

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Everything You Need to Know About Hosting a Competency Interview

A competency interview can be used to assess a variety of skills & requires candidates to give honest examples to justify their claims.

In this week’s blog, find out everything you need to know, plus discover some great interview questions to use in the future!

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How to measure the efficiency of your recruitment process

When trying to understand how different departments or functions of a business are performing, many organisations typically use metrics. Whilst most businesses apply these measures to understand their productivity or sales, many are missing a trick by not applying these same metrics to their recruitment process. The most successful UK companies realise that staff are their […]

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Is your Recruitment Funnel Breaking Down?

Is-your-recruitment-funnel-breaking-down Your recruitment funnel is the step by step process that takes you all the way through from advertising for new recruits to bringing your ideal candidate into the business. But is yours bringing in results – or breaking down? We have put together a FREE eGuide which you can download using the link below.  […]

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