Improved Quality: Sourcing you the best candidates

Being able to beat your competition to the best candidates on the market is vital to ensure your business remains competitive in these times of austerity.

Since starting in 2003, we have honed our recruitment technique to ensure that we get to the best candidates before anybody else.

So, how do we do source the best candidates?

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To source the best candidates, we use a 5-step process we call CLASP, to funnel from many applications down to your perfect hire:

  • Best candidates: 1, Consult about your role: Initially we need to know as much about your vacancy and business as possible. Rather than just taking your job spec, launching it online and hoping for the best, we’ll get under the skin of the position. This allows us to build a recruitment campaign that will truly add value and beat other recruiters to the best candidates that are right for your role.
  • Best candidates:2, Leverage your vacancy: Once we have a complete understanding of the role and the person you’re looking for, we create your vacancy advert. Our adverts are specifically written to appeal to the best candidates. Combine that with our knowledge of how to get the best out of job boards, and we generate true leverage and traction for your vacancy.
  • Best candidates: 3, Attract the best: From over 500 of the UK’s leading job boards, to a number of CV databases and all of the usual social media channels, we have a huge variety of online tools at our disposal to attract the best candidates in the market to your vacancy. We have approximately 85% of the jobseeker market covered, which means that when it comes to finding your next hire, they’re only a click away.
  • Best candidates:4, Select the ideal people: We’re victims of our own success! Our adverts are that good, and our coverage that extensive, that we receive lots of applications to every role we manage. But we don’t want you to go through the pain of sifting through them. Working to criteria you stipulate, we’ll identify all the best candidates we think you should talk to, whilst rejecting all the unsuitable ones at the same time.
  • Best candidates:5, Place the perfect hire: You’ve found your perfect person (or people) and you’ve saved a huge amount of time and money at the same time. To save you even more time, simply tell us which candidate(s) were successful and we’ll let the others know that on this occasion at least, the role wasn’t for them.

So, with no gimmicks and no hidden charges, what are you waiting for? Come over to Response and let us find you your perfect hire from the very best candidates on the market and improve the quality of your recruits.

“If  we still haven’t convinced you that Response can source you the best candidates, then read about the other great benefits we can offer your business by clicking the links below.”

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