New to Flat Fee Recruitment?

New to Flat Fee recruitment, you have come to the right people

The flat fee recruitment market can be a minefield at times, with thousands of different job boards and hundreds of companies offering confusing services which often provide poor value-for-money.

And If you’ve never used flat fee recruitment before, it’s difficult to know which approach will best suit your needs.

That’s where we step in

Response has been the UK’s leading flat fee recruitment company since we started in 2003. Formed in a bid to help clients tackle spiralling recruitment costs, we’ve perfected an innovative approach that combines the strength of flat fee recruitment with an unrivalled level of service.

Flat fee recruitment: made simple

Through continually honing our flat fee recruitment process since 2003, we have developed an award winning recruitment service that easily knocks spots off any other flat-fee recruitment agency you will find on the market.  Here’s how it works:

  • We craft expertly written web-optimised adverts for your vacancies
  • We publish the adverts across all relevant UK job boards, including all of the leading sites (usually between 40/50 in total)
  • We’ll send you across a selection of links so that you can see your advert on various job boards used
  • CVs will then begin landing in our inbox, and we will conduct a manual CV sift to remove unsuitable applicants
  • We acknowledge the applicants with an email, in this case directing them to your website for more info on your business
  • Applications are then forwarded to a relevant point of contact by email, in daily or weekly batches, as you require
  • We also conduct CV searches on the online CV databases in order to generate interest from passive jobseekers, inviting them to apply
  • We can reject any candidates that you ask us to, throughout or at the end of a campaign

And we out-perform the rest of our competitors in the flat fee recruitment market by:

  • Being able to attract the best candidates on the market – we have a number of online tools which enable us to get to the best talent before anybody else in the market
  • Candidate selection – our expert team of consultants manually screen every application to ensure only the most suitable candidates are passed to you
  • Speed of service – we will get your recruitment campaign live within  hours of receiving a job spec, often with applications landing in your inbox several hours later.

That’s also why thousands of organisations, large and small, have chosen Response as their long-term recruitment partner.

We make the recruitment process painless for our clients, saving them a considerable amount of time and money along the way. Our recruitment solutions will find you find the very best available talent on the market, using a number of innovative online tools at our disposal.

Talk to us now on 01922 704 580 to discuss how to reduce your cost per hire with one of our cost-effective, flat fee recruitment campaigns.