Clients – Finding you great people whilst maintaining your cost of recruitment

At Response, we understand the importance of sourcing highly qualified professionals who can fully contribute to your future success.

And here’s the clever bit.  By using our award-winning, flat-fee solution, you will have access to an incredible online talent pool and compared to traditional recruitment methods, we guarantee that you will save a huge amount of time and money.

Clients – So, how does it work?

Once your campaign goes live we’ll start to receive applications from a whole host of sources. These will need managing and filtering and that’s where we come in.

Throughout the campaign we’ll assess every single application against the criteria you stipulate, and identify who’s right and who isn’t for your role. We filter the response to a small selection, before presenting a shortlist of recommended and reserve candidates back to you.

And because we manage every aspect of your online recruitment campaign, from the writing of award winning ad copy through to acknowledging every candidate and rejecting any unsuitable applications on your behalf, we will save you a huge amount of time from managing the process in house.

We’ll even handle every query a prospective applicant might have for you. And because this process is completely transparent thanks to the technology tools we use, you’ll see how we get results by managing the entire process. This will free up time so that you can be more efficient and get on with the other important tasks of the day.

By blending our great recruitment teams with our talent management solutions, you can trust Response to deliver the very best talent on the market, time and time again.