4 Steps to Use LinkedIn to Find Candidates

4 Steps to Use LinkedIn to Find Candidates

LinkedIn is undeniably the best social media platform to find potential candidates with the latest figures suggesting that there are over 20 million professionals using it in the UK. That’s around 33% of the UK’s population!

And if that wasn’t a good enough reason to start using LinkedIn, maybe the fact that the UK is ranked as the fourth most connected country in the world might make you think differently.

(Anecdotally, only the United Arab Emirates, Netherlands and Singapore are ahead.)

So when you’re looking to fill a vacancy, LinkedIn presents a lot of headhunting and sourcing opportunities to find the ideal person to join your business.

LinkedIn can also be a lot cheaper than posting on multiple job boards. Plus, it’s often free advertising if you have a well-connected list of professionals.

However, like other forms of advertising and social media campaigns, there are ways to do it more efficiently and effectively. Here are some steps to follow to ensure you’re getting the most out of LinkedIn.

Create a free company page

It may sound basic, but it’s essential if you are new to the LinkedIn world.

Just like Facebook, setting up a free company page takes just a minute. This will act as a hub to post relevant content for other professionals to access in their own time.

Once it’s up and running, you can start to post blogs, advice pieces and information regarding any events you are attending.

However, just because you’re actively posting things doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to have thousands of followers overnight. The key is to engage with other connections by commenting and liking on their stuff. You’ll then spark more interest and encourage them to take a look at your page.

A top tip to remember is to always make sure your company page images aren’t pixelated. A small detail like this can instantly tarnish the reputation and professionalism of your business. For the most up-to-date image size guidelines, check them out here.

Get your employees to help

Once your page is set up, get your current employees to like it and spread the word to their own connections.

It’s free advertising and a quick way to boost brand awareness.

So if you only have a handful of followers to start with, getting just one employee to share your job advert or page to their 300-500 connections will already showcase it to potential candidates or prospects.

And then it only takes one of your employee’s connections to like or share the post for it to be exposed to hundreds or thousands more people.

Targeted ads

Referrals and word of mouth don’t always work on LinkedIn, but their special advertising service certainly can help.

Due to the fact that users are on the platform for professional reasons only, LinkedIn ads already blows other social media channels out of the water.

So how much is it?

The prices vary, depending on your specific target audience. It also depends on how much you want to bid on a certain demographic and the duration you want to run your ad for. It’s kind of like pay-per-click (PPC).

LinkedIn allows you to break down your target audience by education, industries, experience and many other categories. However, the real magic is in the built-in algorithm.

This algorithm studies profiles for you and gives you the relevant prospects who fit your job description. So your HR team or recruitment agency can focus their time on other tasks.

If you think that you’re only going to need to run a few recruitment campaigns in a year, you should advertise on a pay-per-click basis. Whereas if you believe that you’ll be recruiting for 12+ new job openings over the next 12 months, Job Slots provides better value as it’s on a monthly fee basis and guarantees that your job slot will stay at the top of users’ feeds.

Headhunt candidates

Not all ideal candidates are actively looking for a job when you’re advertising for a position, so it’s worth giving LinkedIn Recruiter or Recruiter Lite a go.

Both tools allow you access to find and contact professionals via LinkedIn without the need to worry about the risks of GDPR which comes with sending emails.

Similarly to pay-per-click and Job Slots, LinkedIn Recruiter is the best option for you if you have a big need for posting job adverts, while Recruiter Lite is better suited if you’re only going to recruit a handful of people or if the positions aren’t hard to fill.

The LinkedIn Recruiter package is a lot more expensive, but allows you to access every profile (first, second and third connections), use premium search, explore hiring workflow tools, access analytics and send up to 150 InMails to non-connections.

Whereas the Recruiter Lite option lets you send 30 InMails and get unlimited access to all 3rd degree connections.

Get started today

The key to LinkedIn recruitment success is to just go and give it a whirl!

Not all campaigns will work, especially with their paid options. But as time goes on, you’ll start to get a better understanding of what’s effective and what isn’t.

Start by creating compelling and value-led content on your company page, then you’ll start to create a bigger following. These professionals will then be more likely to share your job adverts when it comes to posting them.

However, to run an extensive content and social media strategy isn’t always affordable to some. If this is the case for you, just skip straight to the Recruiter packages, as you’ll be able to contact potential candidates and cut out all the noise in between.

Alternatively, try using our services! Here at Response Web Recruitment, we can help you do all of the above so you can focus on the rest of your business.

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