How Coca Cola Recruit New Employees

4 Ways Coca Cola Can Inspire Your Recruitment Drive

Originating back in the late 19th century, John Stith Pemberton’s Coca Cola has turned into one of the most recognisable products and companies in the world.

Whether you want a drink at your local cinema complex or just fancy something to quench your thirst at a bus station, Coca Cola is absolutely everywhere.

Over the years, The Coca Cola Company has branched out to create more soft drinks like Sprite, Lilt and Oasis. In fact, it now has over 900 bottling and manufacturing facilities across the world – and that’s not even considering all of their offices.

With this in mind, how on earth do they hire so many people without settling for any old man or woman? What’s the secret ingredient that makes them such a likeable and popular brand?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Start with the work benefits

Work perks and benefits are becoming more and more important these days to a lot of professionals. In fact, research suggests that companies who offer a desirable package are more likely to keep staff turnover to a minimum with 66% of employees saying that they’d stay longer.  

83% of recruiters also stated that having top work benefits in place makes their job of attracting potential candidates a lot easier too.  

Well, it’s hardly surprising to learn that The Coca Cola Company focuses on this element. Not only do they provide a great pension scheme for their employees, but they also throw in a few little extras like discounted cinema tickets, travel insurance and health screening too. 

Do you offer similar perks?  

If you’re unsure about what ones to choose for your company, you might find the following list useful:

  • Book/knitting clubs
  • Social and learning-based activities
  • Salary sacrifice schemes

You can read more about this here.

Use social media

To continue being number one in their industry, The Coca Cola Company recognises the importance of changing with the times. One of their more recent developments is how they use social media platforms.

According to their director of global talent acquisition, Kevin Shigley: “Tracking down the right people or opportunities used to require hours of phone calls and private-investigator-type legwork”.

“Now, the barrier to entry – information – is no longer a barrier. The internet is the great democratiser of data.”

To put this into context, The Coca Cola Company’s use of social media to find candidates enabled them to cut firm costs by more than 50% ($8 million) between 2008 and 2012!

If you haven’t started already, it’s definitely worth thinking about using social media platforms to advertise your current job openings.

LinkedIn is particularly good for headhunting professionals and reaching the right audience through its effective use of algorithm technology.

Have you thought about using social media platforms to attract potential candidates? LinkedIn is particularly effective with built-in advertisement options and the ability to headhunt.

To find out more about how to implement a social media recruitment strategy, read our previous blog: ‘How Big Brands Are Using Social Media In Their Recruitment Campaigns’.

Include training benefits

Another area which a lot of career-driven professionals will look out for is training opportunities.

The Coca Cola Company covers this by giving their employees access to a virtual global university for all learning and career building activities – otherwise known as the Coca Cola University (CCU).

The CCU helps their staff learn new practical skills and knowledge which they can implement in their current roles, as well as future ones. This includes training on people leadership, franchise leadership, consumer marketing and customer/commercial leadership.

Understandably, this might not be a realistic option for your own company – especially if you have a relatively small set-up.

However, you should at least give your team the time to conduct research, provide learning texts and fund applicable courses. All of these elements can really benefit the individual, your company and your overall recruitment drive.

Go the extra mile for unsuccessful candidates

One major mistake a lot of businesses make is in the aftermath of a recruitment drive. While attracting top professionals in the first place is certainly a positive, how much attention do you give to the unsuccessful afterwards?

You see, to create a likeable brand like The Coca Cola Company, you need to show every candidate that you care about them.

For instance, one report said that The Coca-Cola Company in Pakistan and Afghanistan have previously sent a letter explaining why they rejected the candidate plus a crate of Coke cans!

This small but amazing gesture is the perfect way to boost brand likeability and encourage candidates to apply in the future. Who knows, this could benefit you in the long run if something more suitable crops up for the unsuccessful candidates.

In your business, you don’t have to send freebies. Instead, just focus on writing a personalised letter offering constructive feedback to the unsuccessful interviewees.

Final thoughts

To adopt the same principles as The Coca Cola Company, you don’t have to break the bank or think outside of the box.

Simply improve your use of social media to advertise, offer top work benefits and always give candidates a reason to want to try applying again.

Considering these elements will enable you to create a desirable business which people trust, love and want to be a part of. It’s about creating a community feel around your recruitment process.

Get this right and you’ll have multiple amazing candidates itching to work for you whenever you need them.

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