5 Office Designs to Attract Millennials

Millennials are at the forefront of innovation and success in a lot of industries.

So, if you want to attract more of them to apply for your new vacancy, you have to think about your office design through the eyes of Millennials!

Not only does it keep current employees happy and performing well, but it also helps you make the ideal first impression when a millennial candidate visits for an interview.

To create an office design that attracts millennials, you have to focus more on creating an area which promotes wellbeing and happiness – which are two key considerations for a majority of millennial professionals.

To help give you some office design inspiration for attracting Millennials, here are five examples.

Clean flooring 🧹

When it comes to office design for Millennials, the flooring is often considered an afterthought.

However, what’s the first thing candidates see when they are twiddling their thumbs looking down in the reception room or walking up a flight of stairs?

Carpets trap allergens, dirt and dust. They look shoddy and outdated as well.

If you want your business to look forward-thinking, choose luxury vinyl tiles or solid wood as a cheaper alternative to hardwood. These options are sleek, professional and easy to clean.

Be at one with the outside 🌵

Being trapped indoors all day can really take its toll on the millennial generation and other professionals.

Not only do you need a nice seating area outside, but you should think about adding some greenery inside your office.

Indoor plants and having large window areas to let in natural light will create the illusion that your employees are working outside.

A green colour scheme on the walls also encourages clarity of mind and heightens positivity among workers.

Use top technology 💻

According to Oktra’s Design Director, Nic Pryke;

“The irony is a large proportion of millennials will have better technology at home than what they are provided within their workplace”.

When was the last time you invested in the latest technology?

It may seem like an expensive upgrade, but it can streamline processes and promote accessibility to communicate among colleagues.

For instance, apps, live chat platforms and smartwatches.

These solutions are great if you have remote workers, giving you more access to reach them when they’re out and about.

Your company will look forward-thinking and progressive as well, which is a desirable trait for millennials who always strive to better themselves.

Presenting employees and demonstrating this type of investment to interviewees will make them feel valued.

In turn, this can improve staff turnover rates, with employees feeling more willing to commit over a longer period of time.

Mix up your furniture 🛋

Forget ordinary office chairs.

They’re stuffy, uninspiring and can even hamper an employee’s posture.

Millennials want working stations that promote wellbeing and are fun.

High-quality chairs with top lumbar support is a viable option.

However, standing desks or fitness balls are wacky alternatives that many innovative companies are opting for.

The problem is, sitting down in one place all day is bad for you both physically and mentally.

Hot desking with these different types of stations can add variety to the day and encourage interaction among colleagues.   

Treadmill desks are an interesting option too, giving employees the opportunity to clock up the miles while they get work done.  

Be open 📖

Including plants and funky desks is one thing, but you shouldn’t make the office cluttered.

Cubicles are a sign of the times and need to die!

Millennials seek open spaces where they can bounce ideas off each other, share a joke and feel like they’re a part of something.

Creativity can’t be maximised if a member of staff is sat on their own with their back facing everyone else.

As an employer, you should go for an office design that facilitates these social needs.

This includes introducing communal and break out areas as well, as they work as a cool alternative to standard meeting rooms.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re serious about attracting new millennials to your business, your office design needs to encourage:

  • Communication
  • Sociability
  • Wellbeing 
  • Creativity

Master this and you’ll have top professionals itching to land a job with your company.

Remember, making changes to your office design doesn’t have to cost the world.

Do your research and make changes as and when you can afford to do so.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post on improving your office design to attract Millennials!

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