5 ways to make yourself Unpopular at Work

We’d all be lying if we said we weren’t really bothered whether we were popular at work.  I’d like to think that my diligent work ethic and my tremendous sense of humour is the winning combination that means my popularity levels at work are simply off the chart!

Aside from my David Brent aspirations, I try to avoid the pitfalls that many people in the office fall into which result in giving themselves a bad name.

Here are my top 5 reasons as to why you may be unpopular in the work place.  Let me know via our LinkedIn page here if you can think of any other reasons why you or your fellow workers are making themselves ostracized from the group.

Unpopular at Work: 1. Office Gossip

It’s safe to say that we all gossip a little bit, whether we realise it or not.  But those that constantly talk behind their colleagues back could quickly get a reputation as the office gossip.

And being labeled as the office gossip will mean that the people you work with are less likely to trust you and that could make promotion in that business nigh on impossible.  Stay professional and avoid the temptation of gossip, if you can!

Unpopular at Work: 2. Sycophantic tendencies

Nobody likes a suck up.  I always think it’s vital that you be yourself around colleagues and especially your boss.  Having managed many people in the past, I can spot when somebody is being disingenuous, and it is a horrible trait in a member of staff.

I always believe that you should be nice to all people, regardless of whether they are the MD or the cleaner.  Treat everyone you come into contact with respect and hopefully this should be reciprocated.

Unpopular at Work: 3. Laziness

You are probably sitting near somebody who doesn’t pull their weight but seems to get away with it time and time again.  And their laziness probably means that you are one of the unlucky ones who has to pick up the slack.

Hopefully by the time they leave the job, that isn’t right for them anyway, they will have burnt their bridges sufficiently so that they don’t get a decent reference and maybe, just maybe, they will change their ways.

Unpopular at Work: 4. Talking too much or even too little

You can spend a lot of time with your work colleagues, so obviously there is a necessity to get along.  But be aware that you are in a work environment, so you do have to keep a professional persona.

Whilst it’s great to be friendly, chatting away too much can slow you down and make an impact on your colleagues workloads.  It will also give your boss the impression that you don’t have enough work to do.

On the flipside; talking too little can make it hard for your colleagues to get to know you and could make it difficult to forge a working relationship.

It is a fine balance, but if you do have confidence issues, there are always workshops you can attend to help you improve your skills in this area.

Unpopular at Work: 5. The Office Moaner

There are those individuals who can’t make the distinction between blowing off a little steam and moaning about every little thing.  From the air conditioning being too hot or too cold to somebody using the last Earl Grey tea bag in the communal kitchen, the office moaner will see the hole instead of the doughnut and the cloud instead of the silver lining.

There are ways to tackle things that you would like to change at work, but boring everybody with your miserable approach to life isn’t the way to do so and will just increase your unpopularity with your fellow colleagues.

Thanks for reading and should you need any further assistance in the recruitment process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me here, or you can join the LinkedIn Response Knowledge Network here.

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