Recruitment Cliche

50 Recruitment Cliches That Should Be Banned From The Process.

This week, I’m on a mission.

And that mission is to banish certain buzzwords, cliches and cringeworthy language from the recruitment process.

Things like the following… *rolls eyes.*

Cliché 1:            “Duties may vary”

Cliché 2:            “All we ask from you is…”

Cliché 3:            “Good leadership skills desired”

Cliché 4:            “Great organisational skills”

Cliché 5:            “Excellent interpersonal skills”

Cliché 6:            “Happy to work in a fast-paced environment”

Cliché 7:            “The ability to multitask”

Cliché 8:            “Good communication skills”

Cliché 9:            “Passionate and enthusiastic”

Cliché 10:           “Are you proactive?”

Cliche 11:              “Are you dynamic?”

Cliché 12:            “Hard-working”

Cliché 13:            “We need a self-starter”

Cliché 14:            “A fast learner”

Cliché 15:            “Entrepreneurial spirit”

Cliché 16:            “Good sense of humour”

Cliché 17:             “Great company culture”

Cliché 18:            “Fantastic track record”

Cliché 19:            “You’ll be joining a fun, vibrant team”

Cliché 20:            “Our mission is to {some ethical, friendly cause…}”

Worse still, some recruiters feel the need to come up with ‘quirky’ and now completely cliché job titles to jazz up their adverts…

Cliché 21:              Marketing GURU!

Cliché 22:              Design NINJA!

Cliché 23:              Brand EVANGELIST!

Cliché 24:               IT ROCKSTAR

Cliché 25:               Sales SUPERHERO!

Cliché 26:               HR MAGICIAN!

Cliché 27:               Social Media TRAILBLAZER!

Cliché 28:               Digital DYNAMO!

Cliché 29:               Retail JEDI!

Cliché 30:               Direct Mail DEMI GOD!

Would you apply for these jobs?

And of course, the 10 most common and predictable interview questions you could ever ask (or get asked yourself) SNORE!

Cliché 31:            “What’s your greatest weakness?”

Cliché 32:            “What’s your greatest strength?”

Cliché 33:            “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Cliché 34:            “Tell me about a time when you resolved a conflict at work.”

Cliché 35:            “What do you know about the company?”

Cliché 36:            “Why should we hire you?”

Cliché 37:            “Tell me a little bit about yourself.”

Cliché 38:            “Have you got any questions for me?”

Cliché 39:            “Ever worked as part of a team?”

Cliché 40:            “How would your best friend describe you?”

Of course, because the above interview questions became so boring and predictable, interviewers turned to trick questions and brainteasers to jazz things up a bit.

But alas, adopted by companies across the world, some of these, themselves, have become clichés!

Cliché 41:            “Who would win in a fight superman or batman?”

Cliché 42:            “How would you test a calculator?”

Cliché 43:            “How many calories are there in a supermarket?”

Cliché 44:            “How would you explain the internet to someone who’d never heard of it?”

Cliché 45:            “What cartoon character/cereal/ superhero would you be and why?”

Cliché 46:            “How many tennis balls could you fit in Wimbledon?”

Cliché 47:            “How do you know if the light inside the fridge is on or off?”

Cliché 48:            “How many potatoes (in kg) does McDonald’s sell in a year in the UK?”

Cliché 49:            “How many square feet of pizza are eaten in the UK every year?”

Cliché 50:

Sorry, but if people don’t know how the get that bloomin’ farmer, chicken, corn and fox across the river by now, they never will!

 “A farmer needs to cross the river with his chicken, a sack of corn and a fox.

His boat unfortunately only fits himself and one other thing.

The fox and chicken are hungry, so if he leaves the fox with the chicken, the chicken will get eaten, whilst if he leaves the chicken with the corn, the corn will get eaten.

How will the man get safely across with all 3?”

Guilty as charged?

Are you, or have you used any of the recruitment clichés we’ve mentioned above? STOP!

You’re probably thinking: well if everyone does it, candidates and employers, what’s the problem? We all get the picture.

And you’re right. Using the clichés above isn’t going to kill off your job search or recruitment drive completely.

But it won’t help you to stand out in a crowd, either. Employer or employee, if you want to be truly memorable, you need to ditch the predictability.

Need some advice?

On a serious note, if you’d like some advice on job adverts and recruitment in general, check out some of these posts:

Good luck.

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