10 Reasons NOT to Send Out Your Employee Satisfaction Survey.

Do your staff members moan & groan when you bring out the employee satisfaction survey?

Are you sick of receiving generic, wishy-washy answers (and/or a suspicious number of ‘excellent’ ratings)?

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Everything You Need to Know About Hosting a Competency Interview

A competency interview can be used to assess a variety of skills & requires candidates to give honest examples to justify their claims.

In this week’s blog, find out everything you need to know, plus discover some great interview questions to use in the future!

How to Make Your New Starter Feel Welcome!

We all know that starting a new job can be pretty scary!

But as a manager, it’s your job to ease that process and make sure your new employees are starting off on the right foot…

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5 Management Tips For Dealing With Underperformers

The toughest thing you’ll face as a Manager is dealing with an underperformer.

You can be too ruthless (sacking first, asking questions later) but you can also be too generous (which your hard-working, super staff will resent).

So this week, we’ve outlined the steps you should be taking to deal with your underperformer; giving them a chance to shine (or to reveal their true colours).