7 Recruitment Ideas Inspired by Google

How do Google manage to find and track down such wonderful (and googl-y) people to work for them?

Let’s examine their recruitment ideas and find out.

3 Common Mistakes Interviewers Make

Even experienced interviewers make mistakes (I’ve certainly made a fair few).

Here are three of the most common – you may just recognise them…

How to Make Your Interviewees Feel at Ease

Interviews can be incredibly stressful for interviewees. So it’s your job to make them feel comfortable and calm, giving them a real opportunity to shine.

13 Signs That Your Job Candidate Is a Time-Waster!

Ever been rejected by a candidate, after offering them the job?

Unfortunately, there are some time-wasters out there who just simply aren’t committed – for a variety of different reasons.

This week’s blog post will help you to see the warning signs, before it’s too late!

How to Conduct a Successful Telephone Interview

Hosting a fact-checking telephone interview will enable you to cull candidates earlier in the process…before you’ve wasted hours interviewing them face-to-face!

This week’s blog will reveal everything you need to know, including your very own interview template to swipe and deploy!