Are You a Bad Interviewer? Find Out…

Recruitment is a two-way street and it only takes one bad interviewer to send candidates running for the hills.

So, are you making the wrong impression?

Find out in this week’s blog post.

How to Tell If Your Interviewee is Lying to You

Ever had a gut feeling that someone wasn’t telling you the truth?

Was it something they said – or did?

Body language can reveal an awful lot about a person (especially in an interview) – find out how to spot the lies, in this week’s blog!

Everything You Need to Know About Hiring for Cultural Fit

How do super-successful companies manage to create such innovative and creative corporate cultures? The people.

People are the heart & soul of every organisation.

Are you choosing yours wisely?

How to Recruit a Passive Candidate.

75% of the population come under the category “passive candidates” – not actively seeking employment.

But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t jump ship if the right opportunity came along!

Find out how to approach and persuade such candidates, in this week’s blog.