Response Recruitment Quantity versus Quality

Cost Per Hire: The Big Question

Response Recruitment Quantity versus QualityWhy not Quality AND Quantity?

Recruiters are under pressure right now. On the surface, this might seem surprising given that the candidate market is booming right now. There’s a bigger pool of potential candidates to choose from and there are more candidates actively looking for work. Yet these issues are actually making it more difficult for recruiters to keep thecost of recruitment manageable whilst maintaining a high quality standard of candidate.

So why are recruiters facing the cost per hire question?

Finding quality takes an updated approach: Many recruiters have to deal reactively with issues on a day-to-day basis, leading to an additional drain on organisational resources. But by updating their recruitment strategy and changing from a reactive to a proactive philosophy, and by also building a solid talent pipeline for the future, they can actually balance quality with quantity.

Finding quality demands additional expertise: Lots of recruiters are still attempting to cover every aspect of the recruitment process themselves. This can lead to a further drain on time and resources. In contrast, linking with an expert as an extension of their team, for example via a flat fee recruitment model, can help focus expertise where it’s needed and reduce the risks and costs associated with the DIY approach.

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