CV Writing Tips: A Video Guide Part 2

CV Writing Tips: A Video guide Part 2: Recruiters’ pet hates, CV layout & content

Just what makes a great CV layout?

In the first part of this video guide, James and Mark from Response guided you the first steps of creating a great CV, with tips on structuring your CV for the greatest impact.

In this second part, they share with you recruiters pet hates when sifting through CVs and how a great CV layout could help you avoid the dreaded ‘no’ pile.

They will also give you some great CV tips on what content you should be including in your CV and the key phrases recruiters look for when scanning through a CV.

Remember, your great CV may get as little as 15 seconds to blow the socks off the recruiter, so may it count!

Thanks for watching and should you require any further assistance in your recruitment process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team here, or you can join the LinkedIn Response Knowledge Network here.

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