How to Use Technology to Connect With Candidates

How to Use Technology to Connect With Candidates

There was once a time when you could post a job advert in your local newspaper and you’d receive an influx of applications via mail or in person.

However, in this day in age, the recruitment industry revolves around technology.

For small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), this means that they often have to compete with bigger corporate brands – which isn’t easy if your budget is limited.

So how can an SME utilise technology and still attract some of the brightest talents in the UK?

Here are a handful of ways to get you started.

Mobile technology

On the whole, mobile technology is quite a broad subject. But to save you time, I’ve narrowed it down to include a couple of key areas to focus on.

Firstly, text messaging is (believe it or not) the UK’s fastest growing marketing and communications channel, despite feeling like an outdated means of technology to some.

In fact, according to Textlocal, 98% of messages are opened and 90% of them are read in the first three minutes.

What’s more, further research suggests that 12.5 million hopeful candidates will opt-in to receive texts from recruitment agencies by 2020.

These are some incredible stats which might be worth considering.

Text messaging has the ability to reach both millennials and the generation X who often spend a large amount of time on their mobile devices.

Another element to consider is creating a mobile responsive job advert for the job seekers who actively search on the go. This allows candidates to hit ‘quick apply’ so they don’t have to wait until they get home to send their application through. Some job boards like Indeed already offer you this service.

Email communications

Again, this might sound like a very outdated use of technology and method of communication, but it still provides ample opportunities for SMEs to reach prospects.

Keep your candidates up to date with interview details, blog content and relevant job adverts.

This will enable you to push your brand to the forefront of a candidate’s mind when they are thinking about looking for a new position.

CRM systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are rapidly growing in popularity for the simple reason that they help businesses streamline processes.

For example, Bullhorn’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the fastest on the market, helping to reduce time-consuming manual data entry and allow you to focus your resources on completing other stages of the recruitment process more efficiently.

Their mobile app also gives you 24/7 access to change a candidate’s file too.

While CRM systems may seem like a corporate extra, they are also highly efficient for SMEs too.

They can help you speed up processes and compete with the bigger companies – which is especially useful if you don’t have a large number/or any HR professionals.

As a result, your team can maximise the candidate experience to make them happier and more likely to commit their futures with you.


As we covered in our previous blog, ‘4 Steps to Use LinkedIn to Find Candidates’, we looked at how you can use LinkedIn’s Recruiter and Recruiter Lite packages to proactively find potential candidates via the professional social media platform.

If you’re worried about breaching GDPR, this is an ideal way to reach professionals without having to worry about any laws and regulations.

LinkedIn Recruiter offers you 150 InMails to send messages to non-connections, a premium search option, workflow tools and analytics to help you streamline your hunt for the best talent.

However, it’s worth noting that this can be a tad expensive, so it’s more suited to SMEs who are going to use it on a monthly basis.

A more affordable technology option is LinkedIn’s Recruiter Lite package. This bite-size offering gives you 30 InMails and access to all 3rd degree connections.

I recommend you try this first to get a grip of it, then upgrade if your company’s needs grow.

Things to consider

My biggest piece of advice with technology is to simply test the water. No formula is the same for every business, so it’s essential to see what works for you.

To compete with the corporate brands and organisations, try using their recruitment methods as inspiration and scaling them down to suit your budget and requirements.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is a perfect way to tap into the social media world without breaking the bank, while text messaging and a CRM system can enable you to drastically streamline the way your business communicates and operates on a day-to-day basis.

All of the options I’ve included in this list aren’t too expensive, so there’s no reason why you can’t give them a go.

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