How to Conduct a Successful Telephone Interview

Hosting a fact-checking telephone interview will enable you to cull candidates earlier in the process…before you’ve wasted hours interviewing them face-to-face!

This week’s blog will reveal everything you need to know, including your very own interview template to swipe and deploy!

50 Great Ways to Reward Your Employees!

When was the last time you said a proper thank you to your staff?

You can show your appreciation in so many different ways – some more fun than others.

Check out this blog post to get some great inspiration!

The 10 Most Common Mistakes Interviewers Make

Recruitment is a two-way street and job candidates definitely aren’t the only ones who make mistakes!

In fact, many bad or inexperienced interviewers get nervous and/or act inappropriately.

Are you one of them?

Everything You Need to Know About Conducting Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are one of the most effective ways to assess, motivate & engage your staff…

Of course, if you get them wrong, it can have the opposite effect.

Check out this blog post to find out everything you need to know to make sure your process is a successful one.

The 5 Advantages (and 5 Disadvantages) of Internal Hiring

Internal hiring is quicker, cheaper & will help to engage your employees.

Of course it could also cause resentment, a lack of diversity & company-wide stagnation!

Is it worth taking that risk? Find out in this week’s blog post…

15 Easy Ways to Improve Employee Engagement At Your Company

Employee engagement is all about the day-to-day nurturing of your staff & the small gestures that lead to an increase in loyalty, productivity & output.

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