The 10 Silliest Interview Answers

A job interview is often a situation where we feel at our most nervous.

Despite all the research and preparation, sometimes you will say something in an interview and afterwards wonder, “Where did those interview answers come from?”

I remember as a student going for an interview with an electronics retailer as a sales assistant and mistakenly thought it would amuse the interviewer if I confessed to being a kleptomaniac.

Strangely the quip backfired and I didn’t get the job.

With this in mind, I’ve put together 10 of the silliest interview answers.

It would be great to hear if you have an example of the silliest interview answers you have given and you can leave your example below the blog.

Q1: Tell us about a problem you had with a fellow member of staff and how it was resolved.

Interview answer:

“The problem was that we hated each other and the resolution was violence resulting us both being sacked.” 😶

Q2: What are your hobbies and interests?

Interview answer:

[He said] ‘Well, as you can see, I’m a young, virile man and I’m single – if you ladies know what I’m saying.’ Then he looked at one of the fair-haired board members and said, ‘I particularly like blondes.’ 😳

Q3: What do you know about us?

Interview answer:

“Not much, why don’t you fill me in?” 🥴

Q4: Describe yourself in three words:

Interview answer:

“Tall, dark and handsome.” 🙄

Q5: Have you got any further questions?

Interview answer:

“Can you book me a taxi?” 😕

Interview answer:

“If I get a job offer, how long do I have before I have to take the drug test?” 😳

Q6: Tell me of a time you made a mistake and how you dealt with it.

Interview answer:

“I stole some equipment from my old job, and I had to pay for it to be replaced.” 😶

Q7: When have you demonstrated leadership skills?

Interview answer:

“Well my best example would be in the world of online video gaming. I pretty much run the show; it takes a lot to do that.” 🤨

Q8: Why did you leave your last job?

Interview answer:

“I have a problem with authority.” 😬

Q9: Can you tell me about a weakness you have?

Interview answer:

“I often have trouble oversleeping and getting out of bed in the morning” 🥱

Q10: We scheduled a phone interview with a candidate for 3pm:

As they answered the phone, they said, “Hold on, I’m in a bar, let me just finish this beer and go outside”.

When he got outside he said that he felt drunker than he thought he would be and could we reschedule the interview.

He was never contacted again.


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Richard Gilbert
11 years ago

One of my favourites when I was interviewing for a salesman one candidate volunteered the following:

“I’ll have to be honest here and say that there will be times when I’ll take my wife to dinner on the company credit card”

11 years ago

My favorite (for IT support personnel):
– Why did you leave your previous job?
– I had to work too many hours.
– Can you please elaborate?
– Sure, I had to be there from 9 in the morning until 5 in the evening, EVERY week day!


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11 years ago

My worst outcome was when I was on a interview for a medical supplies distribution company. The first man to interview me was very young and kept saying he wanted to keep the company (which was small) young too, for inovation. I could see he was interested in my answers, then he told me he would like me to meet the company owner, which happened to be his father. After some minutes, he asked me about my personal plans, as I had mentioned I had a fiance. For some stupid reason I thought telling them I would get married in… Read more »

Keith Povall
11 years ago

I was interviewing people. One girl in hobbies and interests on the application had written one word, clubbing.

Trying to make light of the situation I enquired “baby seals” ? – the comment and the humour went right over her head.

Another applicant in the same batch of candidates wrote in hobbies and interests – None.