How Big Brands Are Using Social Media In Their Recruitment Campaigns

How Big Brands Are Using Social Media In Their Recruitment Campaigns

There are a lot of ways brands can attract some of the best candidates to apply for a job opening.

As we previously covered mentioned in our blog about LinkedIn, social media is one of the best methods deployed by many businesses.

And it’s hardly surprising when there are around 2.3 billion people actively using social media platforms across the world.

But the question is; how do you utilise it to its full potential?

To help answer this and inspire your next recruitment drive, I’ve found some great ways other big brands are doing it effectively.


Ever heard of LinkedIn’s new Life Pages feature?

Well, it’s something Eventbrite has pioneered over the last couple of years.

This new element allows businesses to show people who work for them and what their job entails – almost like a behind the scenes look.

Eventbrite’s page is filled with info about their leadership team, plenty of office photos and videos that feature their employees working.

And that’s not all.

They also have a series of blogs written by employees in the business to deliver a deeper dive into their purpose at the company.

This gives candidates a real flavour of what a certain department looks like or the way it’s operated.

In the long-run, this could attract more of the right applicants.


Because the time-wasters will see that it isn’t right for them in the first place.


Disney doesn’t just provide magical experiences for children and adults around the world, they also deliver great value to interns as well.

They post top recruitment tips aimed to help graduates and interns land their perfect job on their specific Facebook page.

This may not seem like something your business can replicate, but it is a telling example of how to give something back to people.

By showcasing a few imaginative posts on how to land a job, they are enticing candidates to apply further down the line and building a brand loyalty.

You should look to send a few posts on your social media telling your followers what it’s like to work for you.

This will demonstrate a human side to your customers and give job seekers a snapshot into the average day-to-day life working at your company.


The CRM giant, Salesforce has been very strategic in the way that they employed previously.

Instead of shunning their employees from using social media, they actively encourage it by retweeting and sharing their own personal posts.

So if you go onto their Twitter feed, you’ll more than likely see posts from their employees appearing quite prominently.

In doing this, they are telling their employees that they value them and care about their own personal lives.

It therefore, makes the current employees more likely to share their new job openings when they have a vacancy to fill.

And with 79% of job seekers using social media, yet only 1 in 3 employers using it to promote job openings, there’s a real opportunity for businesses like yours to capitalise on an engaged audience while it’s still growing.

If you think your staff may need an extra incentive to share a job post, offer them something in exchange as a goodwill gesture.

This could include a bottle of bubbly, a voucher or even an experience day out.

The choice is yours.

As a result, you’ll probably find a lot of employees searching far and wide for the perfect candidate.


Our final example of how brands are utilising social media is Cisco.

Via Snapchat, they’ve completely revolutionised the way a business interacts with the rest of the world.

Where a lot of companies only post sales-based content and answers to FAQs, Cisco hands their Snapchat account over to their employees most days.

The result is a clear and colourful outlook of their whole business. And every department is involved in contributing to their story.

By trusting their current employees to sell their brand through a fun platform like Snapchat, they are instantly creating a more approachable brand.

As well as this, it encourages job seekers to apply and get involved.

It’s definitely a sign of a winning company culture.

Final thoughts

The biggest lesson you can learn from these big brands is to play the long game.

Instead of just posting a job advert via social media, create a story of your business on a weekly basis.

This way, you’ll have employees that want to help the recruitment drive and job seekers who are itching to apply.

Develop the tone of your social media content and you’ll start to appeal to some of the best talents around the UK.

After all, nobody wants to work for a dull company who doesn’t know how to have a laugh from time to time.

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