Save a lot of money: Reduce your cost-per-hire

Traditionally, hiring costs typically account for the largest proportion of a HR budget, so finding a way to reduce your cost-per-hire, whilst still recruiting high calibre candidates, can be a challenging balancing act.

Of course, without knowing your current cost-per-hire, reducing it could prove very tricky.  The best method to calculate your cost-per hire is to use hiring metrics, reviewing both external and internal factors.  External factors will include recruitment agency fees, recruitment advertising, etc.; whilst internal costs are comprised of such elements as salaries, overheads and travel.

The likelihood is that because you are using traditional recruitment agencies who will charge around 20% commission, your cost-per-hire will run into thousands and negotiating a few percentage points with the agency won’t really save you a noticeable chunk of money on your recruitment budget.

If you want to dramatically reduce your cost-per-hire, then you should join the online recruitment revolution.  Our flat-fee online recruitment solution is a much simpler, viable alternative to the complex pricing structure of traditional recruitment solutions.

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Not only will we guarantee to slash your cost-per-hire, but you will also benefit from:

  • A vast reduction in your cost-per-hire: There will be no nasty surprises when it comes to cost.  With campaigns starting from as little as £450, you will pay one flat-fee, rather than a percentage of a candidate’s starting salary.
  • Further savings with your cost-per-hire: You can also benefit from recruiting as many people as you like from a single campaign, at no extra cost.  Something that many our happy clients have benefited from, including the AA, Epson, Staples, Greggs, Carnival, BDO and RSM Tenon, who have benefited from recruiting from as little as £52 per person.
  • Great coverage, which will reduce your cost-per-hire: Because we advertise thousands of jobs every year on all of the biggest UK job boards such as Jobsite, Monster, Reed and CV Library, we have incredible buying power which guarantees you fantastic coverage for your vacancy for minimum spend.
  • Reducing your future cost-per-hire: You will also benefit from receiving a bank of CVs that you are free to use for future campaigns after you we have found you your perfect hire.

“If this massive reduction in your cost-per-hire doesn’t convince you that Response is not the perfect recruitment solution for you, then find out the other great benefits we can offer your business by clicking the links below.”


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