Save a lot of time: Reduce your time to hire

Many HR managers believe that by handling the entire recruitment process in-house, that they will not only save money but also see a substantial reduction on their time to hire.

On the face of it, the recruitment process can seem fairly painless and straightforward.  But it can also prove to be a huge drain on your resources, with time to hire often being a factor that is forgotten in the equation.

How much is your time worth to you?  Think about it.  If you receive 150 applications to a position you have advertised and you then spend an average of just 2 minutes reviewing each application; that will be a total of 5 hours of time you need to dedicate to that one element of the process.  And you will have already spent a substantial amount of time writing the job advert and posting it.

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Since 2003, we have worked with some of the UK’s largest companies such as the AA and Greggs to save them vast amounts on their time to hire by:

  • Reduce your time to hire with great coverage: We work closely with all the UK’s leading job boards, ensuring that we know how to write and build vacancy adverts that will attract the best candidates on the market.
  • Reduce your time to hire by attracting the best: Our industry leading advert copywriting attracts 5 to 7 times the response that a traditional recruiter’s advert will attract.
  • Reduce your time to hire by allowing us to take the strainOnce your campaign goes live we’ll start to receive applications from a whole host of sources. These will need managing and filtering and that’s where we come in, freeing up your time for more important tasks.
  • Reduce your time to hire by letting us sift all those CVs: Unlike many of our competitors, we manually sift every CV we receive and deliver the best candidates to our clients.
  • Reduce your time to hire by only sending you the best candidates: We reject any unsuitable candidates and only send you the CVs that we feel are truly suitable for the vacancy.
  • Reduce your time to hire for future campaigns: You can also reduce your time to hire on future recruitment campaigns by building up a database of CVs from those that we send across.

Remember, because we manage every aspect of your online recruitment campaign, from the writing of award winning ad copy through to acknowledging every candidate and rejecting any unsuitable applications on your behalf, we will save you a huge amount on your time to hire, compared to managing the process in house.

By blending our great recruitment teams with our talent management solutions, you can trust Response to deliver the very best talent on the market, time and time again.

“If this massive reduction in your time to hire doesn’t convince you that Response is not the perfect recruitment solution for you, then find out the other great benefits we can offer your business by clicking the links below.”

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