Who are you? I am an online recruitment novice

So you’ve heard that online recruitment is good way to source new recruits and reduce your cost-per-hire, but you haven’t used it before, so you’re wary of giving it a go.

Not a problem.  You are not alone.  That’s why Response is here to help explain the process of WHY online recruitment is so good, WHAT is required to make it succeed, and HOW you need to approach it when starting out for the first time.

First here are some handy facts to help you along:

> Online recruitment job boards are the primary destination for active candidates looking for new jobs.

> There are over 2,000 of them in the UK, with the average job seeker looking on 4.2 job boards per job search (source: NORAS). Consequently the biggest issue facing any potential recruiter is deciding which job boards to advertise on.

> A survey of our clients in 2012 found that they reduced their cost per hire by up to 77% when comparing our service to other recruitment methods they were using.

> The same survey also found that companies who used online recruitment providers saved up to 18.6 hours assessing applications when compared to managing their own recruitment campaigns.

Still not convinced?

Chances are you’re still wondering whether or not online recruitment is right for you. If you are, this is what you can expect when you work with a professional online recruitment company:

> Huge exposure for your adverts, typically on over 500 job boards
> Web optimised ad copy that ranks highly on search engines
> Engagement with the best candidates before your competitors
> Full campaign management
> Reduction of your cost-per-hire and time spent on recruitment

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More interested now1. A Clear Idea of the Perfect Candidate2. Well thought-through job specification3. A solution that gets your advert seen by the very best talent4. Effective candidate selection and support5. Strategy and focus

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So now you know what you need, but why should you use Response

small red bullet We are trusted by 1000’s of companies ranging from small and medium enterprises to big brands like the AA, RSM Tenon and Staples. small red bullet Response is the quickest, simplest, easiest and most powerful way to get your vacancies online. Click below for a demo of the service.
small red bullet We are a friendly and helpful bunch that work to make sure you are getting the return you need from online recruitment. From consultancy on strategy and full copywriting services, to candidate selection and campaign management, we are only a phone call, or email message away small red bullet Our recruitment process is second to none. We have the flexibility and functionality that is key to small and large businesses alike, but at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment companies. Receive the functionality you require whilst reducing your cost per hire without compromising business results.

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Response is the quickest, simplest, easiest and most powerful way to source your next hire.  Click below for more information about the service or visit our pricing page and see the various options we have.

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